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The value of the dryer is not worth buying? After reading these five points, you will know.

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Itisnowwinter,theweatheriscold,andthewinterinthenorthisaperiodofsmog.Thelong-termdryingwillcausealotofpollutantstoadheretothesurfaceoftheclothes,whichwillthreatenthehealthofthebody.Inthesouth,thewinterishard,coldandhumid,andthetemperatureislow.Itisnoteasytodry,resultinginmoldyandodorousbacteria.Inthemiddleoftheyear,thesummerishot,thesunispronetodamagetheclothesinthesun;thewintertemperatureislow,andittakestimetodrytheclothes;inthesouthernrainyseason,backtothesouth,theclothesarealwaysdry.  Forthetimebeing,let'sputasidetheseclimateandweatherfactors.Inourimpression,thebalconyofthehomeseemstobespeciallyforthepurposeofwashingclothes.Thebalconyiscalleda"dryingtable",andallkindsofclothesarehungalltheyearround.Indoorlightingalsooccupiesahappylandthatshouldbelongtothefamily. Dryersolvestheproblemofwashingclothesverywell Dryersmaybestrangetomanyfriends.Infact,dryersarealreadystandardequipmentforEuropeanandAmericanfamilies.Theyareusedinconjunctionwithwashingmachines.Outdoordryinganddryingclothesareprohibitedbylawinsomecountriesandregions.Inaddition,somecountriesarelimitedbygeographicalfactors.Choosetouseaclothesdryerforfinishingstorage. Thedryercaneasilysolvevariouskindsofclothesdryingproblems.Inthesealedspace,theclothesrollwiththedrum,andthehotairisusedtoblowthewetclothes,takeawaythemoisture,anddrytheclothesinashorttime.Dryingclothesisahealthier,fasterandmoreefficientwayofdryingthantraditionalnaturaldrying.

It is now winter, the weather is cold, and the winter in the north is a period of smog. The long-term drying will cause a lot of pollutants to adhere to the surface of the clothes, which will threaten the health of the body. In the south, the winter is hard, cold and humid, and the temperature is low. It is not easy to dry, resulting in moldy and odorous bacteria. In the middle of the year, the summer is hot, the sun is prone to damage the clothes in the sun; the winter temperature is low, and it takes time to dry the clothes; in the southern rainy season, back to the south, the clothes are always dry.



For the time being, let's put aside these climate and weather factors. In our impression, the balcony of the home seems to be specially for the purpose of washing clothes. The balcony is called a "drying table", and all kinds of clothes are hung all the year round. Indoor lighting also occupies a happy land that should belong to the family.


Dryer solves the problem of washing clothes very well


Dryers may be strange to many friends. In fact, dryers are already standard equipment for European and American families. They are used in conjunction with washing machines. Outdoor drying and drying clothes are prohibited by law in some countries and regions. In addition, some countries are limited by geographical factors. Choose to use a clothes dryer for finishing storage.


The dryer can easily solve various kinds of clothes drying problems. In the sealed space, the clothes roll with the drum, and the hot air is used to blow the wet clothes, take away the moisture, and dry the clothes in a short time. Drying clothes is a healthier, faster and more efficient way of drying than traditional natural drying.