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The original dryer is still so versatile, look at it~

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It’sanotherseasonofthunderstorms.IfyouhavelivedintheSouth,youmusthaveexperiencedthefeelingofwetness.Eventhebreathingairseemstobeabletoscrewoutthewater... Washingclothesinsuchaweatherisadisaster.Onthecloudydaywithoutthesun,theclothesareallhungonthebalcony.Notonlydoesthewaterevaporate,buttheclothesaredryingandtheblackpressureissmalleranddarker,makingpeoplefeelmorecomfortable.Notup. Therefore,thereisadryerthatcanignoretheweatherandbecomeablessingtothesoutherners. Infact,don'tlookatthenorthisalwaysbright,butitslaundryisalsoagooddryer.   Manypeoplethinkthatdryingclothesbydryingthemiseconomicalandenvironmentallyfriendly,andsunlightcankillbacteria.   Butthisisanidealenvironmentthatcanbeachievedundergoodweatherconditions.Therealityisoftenthattheclothesthatarecleanedandwashedarecontaminatedbythedustofthesandstorm.Alargeamountofpollutantsmayadheretothesurfaceoftheclothesandmayeventhreatenhumanhealth..   So,nomatterwhereyouare,itisessentialtobuyadryer.Todaywewilltalkaboutthepowerfulfunctionsofthedryer.   丨treatmentoffluff   Thedryerhasabuilt-in"flufffilter".Whendrying,itcanblowoutthefluffonthesurfaceoftheclothes,thelonghairofthewoman,theanimalhair,etc.,andcleanthefilterregularly.Thedryerwithmultipleflufffiltersystemcanalsoblockthefluffontheclothesmoreeffectively. Removeodor Noneedforlaundryiscurrentlythesecondbestfunctionofthedryerinadditiontoquickdrying.Especiallyaftereatinghotpotbarbecueinwinter,theclothesthathavejustbeenchangedonthedayarefromtheinsidetothehotpot.Ifyouwashitagain,thewinterclothesarenoteasytodry,andthefreshclothesyoujustchangedaretooeasytowash. Atthistime,youcanusethedeodorizationmodeofthedryer,youcanremovetheodorwithoutwashing. 丨clothingwrinklefluffy   Manytimes,thewashingmachinewashesshirts,jeansandotherclothes,anditiseasytowrapthewrinkles.Ifyouaretoolazytoiron,thedryerisalsoyour"warmiron".Clothesdriedwithaclothesdryerwillbeflatter,morefluffy,andlessyellowandharder.Clothessuchasdownjacketswillmakethedownmoreuniformandfluffy.. 丨asmallamountofclothingtodryquickly Thequickdryingfunctionofasmallamountofclothingisverypractical,anditispossibletodryonlyonepieceofclothingatatime.Whentheuserurgentlyneedstodryacertainpieceofclothing,ittakesonlyashorttimetodry,anditisdesirabletowearitimmediately. 丨steamcarefunction   Thesteamcarefeaturehelpsuserssavethehassleofironingandisverypractical.Byuniformlysprayingwaterintothedrum,afinemistisformed,whichisthenheatedbythedryair,andthewatervaporpenetratesintotheclothingfiberstoremovethewrinklesoftheclothes,makingtheclothesflatandsoft. 丨Condensatedrainagesystem Afterthedryingoftheordinarydryer,theuserneedstodumpthecondensedwaterinthewatercollectingbox,andthedryerwithautomaticdrainagefunctioncandischargethecondensedwaterdirectlyintothesinkorsiphon,eliminatingtheneedtomanuallyemptytheset.Thetroubleofthewaterbox. 丨Waterqualityhardnesssensor   Mineralsinthewatercanaffectthedryer'sinductionofresidualmoistureontheclothes,whichinturnaffectsthedryingeffect.Thewaterhardnessofdifferentareasisdifferent.Thewaterhardnesssensorofthedryercanidentifythewaterquality.Whenmeasuringtheresidualmoistureoftheclothes,thecontentofmineralsinthewaterwillbemeasured,andtheprocedurewillbeadjustedaccordinglytoensurethattheclotheswillnotbeover-driedorinsufficient.

It’s another season of thunderstorms. If you have lived in the South, you must have experienced the feeling of wetness. Even the breathing air seems to be able to screw out the water...


Washing clothes in such a weather is a disaster. On the cloudy day without the sun, the clothes are all hung on the balcony. Not only does the water evaporate, but the clothes are drying and the black pressure is smaller and darker, making people feel more comfortable. Not up.


Therefore, there is a dryer that can ignore the weather and become a blessing to the southerners.


In fact, don't look at the north is always bright, but its laundry is also a good dryer.




Many people think that drying clothes by drying them is economical and environmentally friendly, and sunlight can kill bacteria.




But this is an ideal environment that can be achieved under good weather conditions. The reality is often that the clothes that are cleaned and washed are contaminated by the dust of the sandstorm. A large amount of pollutants may adhere to the surface of the clothes and may even threaten human health. .




So, no matter where you are, it is essential to buy a dryer. Today we will talk about the powerful functions of the dryer.




丨 treatment of fluff




The dryer has a built-in "fluff filter". When drying, it can blow out the fluff on the surface of the clothes, the long hair of the woman, the animal hair, etc., and clean the filter regularly. The dryer with multiple fluff filter system can also block the fluff on the clothes more effectively.


Remove odor


No need for laundry is currently the second best function of the dryer in addition to quick drying. Especially after eating hot pot barbecue in winter, the clothes that have just been changed on the day are from the inside to the hot pot. If you wash it again, the winter clothes are not easy to dry, and the fresh clothes you just changed are too easy to wash.


At this time, you can use the deodorization mode of the dryer, you can remove the odor without washing.


丨 clothing wrinkle fluffy




Many times, the washing machine washes shirts, jeans and other clothes, and it is easy to wrap the wrinkles. If you are too lazy to iron, the dryer is also your "warm iron". Clothes dried with a clothes dryer will be flatter, more fluffy, and less yellow and harder. Clothes such as down jackets will make the down more uniform and fluffy. .


丨 a small amount of clothing to dry quickly


The quick drying function of a small amount of clothing is very practical, and it is possible to dry only one piece of clothing at a time. When the user urgently needs to dry a certain piece of clothing, it takes only a short time to dry, and it is desirable to wear it immediately.


丨 steam care function




The steam care feature helps users save the hassle of ironing and is very practical. By uniformly spraying water into the drum, a fine mist is formed, which is then heated by the dry air, and the water vapor penetrates into the clothing fibers to remove the wrinkles of the clothes, making the clothes flat and soft.


丨Condensate drainage system


After the drying of the ordinary dryer, the user needs to dump the condensed water in the water collecting box, and the dryer with automatic drainage function can discharge the condensed water directly into the sink or siphon, eliminating the need to manually empty the set. The trouble of the water box.


丨Water quality hardness sensor




Minerals in the water can affect the dryer's induction of residual moisture on the clothes, which in turn affects the drying effect. The water hardness of different areas is different. The water hardness sensor of the dryer can identify the water quality. When measuring the residual moisture of the clothes, the content of minerals in the water will be measured, and the procedure will be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the clothes will not be over-dried or insufficient.