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Why is the dryer cold in foreign countries?

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Reasonone:protectprivacy ForWesterncountries,dryersareneverinthestateofwashingmachines,andevendecadesagotheyhavebecomeamust-haveforeveryhousehold.PeopleintheWestwouldthinkthatdryingclothesoutdoorsisveryuncivilized,orevenprohibited.Theycanonlychoosetousethedryerorgotothelaundryroomtotakecareoftheclothes.Andwehavelongbeenusedtodryingclothesusingbalconies,windows,livingrooms,etc.,walkinginthestreetsofbigcities,sometimeslookingupisnotthebluesky,butthevariouscolorsofclothingflutteringinthewind. Reasontwo:"time/space"costcalculation Manypeopleignorethetimecostofdryingclothesandcollectingclothes.Maybeyouwillsaythatitisnotworththetimetogetclothes,andabowlofclothesmustbehungupwithinfiveminutes.However,Ibelievethatmanypeoplewillcarefullycarefortheclotheswhentheyaredryingclothes.Forexample,thesamedistanceshouldbereservedbetweeneachpieceofclothing.Thesleeves,neckline,andplacketshouldnotbecurled.Whenthereisunevennessindryingandwetness,itisalsoverytime-consumingtouseironing,suchasshirtsandtrousers.Inaddition,manypeopleliketoleavetheirclothesoutdoors.Thetimeforcollectingclothesisgreatlyaffectedbytheweather.Itdoesnotsavetime.Thesceneof“thunderingrain,goinghomeandcollectingclothes”isbelievedtohavebeenexperiencedbymanypeople.Thedryercanhandlethewashedclothesatanytime,withoutbeingboundbytheweather,andisnotaffectedbythedayandnighttime.Theclothestakenoutfromthedryerarealmostwrinkle-free,andfluffyandsoft,canbedirectlyputon,Laundryatanytimeandalotoflaborcosts. Reasonthree,highprice(productandelectricitybill) Next,let'stalkaboutthepriceissue.Forthedryer,itincludesboththeproductitselfandthecostofuse.Openane-commercewebsite,youcanseethepriceofdryersbetween1,000and40,000yuan,thechoiceofspaceisstillrelativelylarge.Thehigherpricesarebasicallyforeignbrands,domesticbrandsarestillrelativelycheap,andtheaveragepriceisaround3,000yuan.Wanttobuyalong-termdurabledryer,hereyoucanintroducethebrandofKangBiao,hispriceisgenerallyaround1500,andisalsothepartneroftheworld'stop500companiesElectrolux,withElectroluxItisthesamecoretechnology,andthepriceatwhichthispricecanbuyforeignbrandsisalsoquitegood. Inaddition,becausethedryerhashigherpower,thisiswherethemanufacturerneedstoimprovetheproduct.Accordingtothemedium-capacitydryer,theheatpumpdryerhasapowerofabout1.1kw,thecondensingdryerisabout2.5kw,andtheheatpumpdryercandryclothesinabout1.5hours,andthepowerconsumptionisabout1.65degrees..Theabove-mentionedKangbiaodryer,thepowerisalso1kw,whichmeansthattheelectricityisonehour,andtheclothesarefast,andthebasicfamilyclothescanbedriedinanhour.AccordingtoBeijing'scivilelectricityfeeofabout0.5yuan/kWh,ifyouuse15Kangkandryersamonth,themonthlycostislessthan13yuan,forurbanresidents,thiscostisnothigh. Reason4:Thelevelofconsumptionofthewholepeopleisnothigh Intheend,whatfactorscausedthedryertobehotinthecountrybut“nottobeseen”?Xiaobianthinksthatthemostfundamentalreasonisthattheoverallconsumptionlevelofthepeopleisnothigh,andtheconceptisdifferent.ManypeopleareTheclothesadduptolessthan5,000yuan.Doyouthinkhewillspendthousandsofclothestobuyaclothesdryer,justtodryclothesandcareforclothes?Infact,inadditiontoclothes,moreenjoythehappinessofthisquality.sense.Itcannotonlymeettheactualneeds,butalsoprotecttheclothesfromsecondarypollutionsuchasdustandbacteria. Althoughdryersareonlyfavoredbysomehigh-endconsumers,withthedevelopmentofproducttechnologyandtheimprovementofpeople'sconsumptionlevel,theprospectofthisproductisverybroad.Justliketheairconditionersandwashingmachinesthatalmosteveryhouseholdhasnow,theyonlyenteredtheordinaryfamilyaftertheimprovementofpeople'soveralllivingstandards.Ibelievethatthedryerswillgraduallybecomethestandarddistributionequipmentathome.Itissuitableforthepurchaseofclothesdryersbecauseofthesmoginthenorth,thewetandrainysouth,thefamilieswithmanychildren,andthemodernapartmentswithoutbalconies.Moreover,moreconvenientandhealthierwaysofcaringforclothesarealsothepursuitofmoreandmoreconsumersforthislifestylechange.

Reason one: protect privacy


For Western countries, dryers are never in the state of washing machines, and even decades ago they have become a must-have for every household. People in the West would think that drying clothes outdoors is very uncivilized, or even prohibited. They can only choose to use the dryer or go to the laundry room to take care of the clothes. And we have long been used to drying clothes using balconies, windows, living rooms, etc., walking in the streets of big cities, sometimes looking up is not the blue sky, but the various colors of clothing fluttering in the wind.


Reason two: "time / space" cost calculation


Many people ignore the time cost of drying clothes and collecting clothes. Maybe you will say that it is not worth the time to get clothes, and a bowl of clothes must be hung up within five minutes. However, I believe that many people will carefully care for the clothes when they are drying clothes. For example, the same distance should be reserved between each piece of clothing. The sleeves, neckline, and placket should not be curled. When there is unevenness in drying and wetness, it is also very time-consuming to use ironing, such as shirts and trousers. In addition, many people like to leave their clothes outdoors. The time for collecting clothes is greatly affected by the weather. It does not save time. The scene of “thundering rain, going home and collecting clothes” is believed to have been experienced by many people. The dryer can handle the washed clothes at any time, without being bound by the weather, and is not affected by the day and night time. The clothes taken out from the dryer are almost wrinkle-free, and fluffy and soft, can be directly put on, Laundry at any time and a lot of labor costs.


Reason three, high price (product and electricity bill)


Next, let's talk about the price issue. For the dryer, it includes both the product itself and the cost of use. Open an e-commerce website, you can see the price of dryers between 1,000 and 40,000 yuan, the choice of space is still relatively large. The higher prices are basically foreign brands, domestic brands are still relatively cheap, and the average price is around 3,000 yuan. Want to buy a long-term durable dryer, here you can introduce the brand of Kang Biao, his price is generally around 1500, and is also the partner of the world's top 500 companies Electrolux, with Electrolux It is the same core technology, and the price at which this price can buy foreign brands is also quite good.


In addition, because the dryer has higher power, this is where the manufacturer needs to improve the product. According to the medium-capacity dryer, the heat pump dryer has a power of about 1.1kw, the condensing dryer is about 2.5kw, and the heat pump dryer can dry clothes in about 1.5 hours, and the power consumption is about 1.65 degrees. . The above-mentioned Kangbiao dryer, the power is also 1kw, which means that the electricity is one hour, and the clothes are fast, and the basic family clothes can be dried in an hour. According to Beijing's civil electricity fee of about 0.5 yuan / kWh, if you use 15 Kangkan dryers a month, the monthly cost is less than 13 yuan, for urban residents, this cost is not high.


Reason 4: The level of consumption of the whole people is not high


In the end, what factors caused the dryer to be hot in the country but “not to be seen”? Xiaobian thinks that the most fundamental reason is that the overall consumption level of the people is not high, and the concept is different. Many people are The clothes add up to less than 5,000 yuan. Do you think he will spend thousands of clothes to buy a clothes dryer, just to dry clothes and care for clothes? In fact, in addition to clothes, more enjoy the happiness of this quality. sense. It can not only meet the actual needs, but also protect the clothes from secondary pollution such as dust and bacteria.


Although dryers are only favored by some high-end consumers, with the development of product technology and the improvement of people's consumption level, the prospect of this product is very broad. Just like the air conditioners and washing machines that almost every household has now, they only entered the ordinary family after the improvement of people's overall living standards. I believe that the dryers will gradually become the standard distribution equipment at home. It is suitable for the purchase of clothes dryers because of the smog in the north, the wet and rainy south, the families with many children, and the modern apartments without balconies. Moreover, more convenient and healthier ways of caring for clothes are also the pursuit of more and more consumers for this lifestyle change.