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Is the dryer really useless? You may not have discovered these advantages.

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Inrecentyears,somepeoplesaythatthedryerisjustaforeigntoy,anditisverygood!Ithinkthatthedryerisactuallynotusefulatall.Itisbettertodrynaturallyandnottousemoney.Inmycountryfordecades,thisseemstohavebeendirectionalthinking,buttheacceptanceofdryersinforeigncountrieshasbeenveryhigh.Infact,itispreciselybecausetherearesomeshortcomingsinthenaturaldrying,therewillbeadryer.Obviously,theuselesstheoryofthedryerisobviouslynotestablished. Themostintuitivemanifestationisthatforeignairprotectionisverygood,buttheystillchoosetousethedryer,andourPM2.5situationissoworrying,perhapsinthecaseofsunny,theeffectofnaturallydryingisreallygood.However,whenencounteringextremeweathersuchasrainydays,itiseasiertodrytheclothesontheclothesthataredryingintheair,andthedryercanavoidthesesituations.Sothedryerisnotjustforyoutodryclothes,buttoprotectyourhealth! TheuseofdryersinChinaandabroad Inforeigncountries,thepopularityofdryersisveryhigh,andithasbecomeastandardforfamiliesinEuropeandtheUnitedStates.InChina,dryingclothesisaninherentthinkingofpeople,andithasbeenlikethissinceancienttimes.Mostpeoplethinkthatthereisalreadyawashingmachine,andthedryeronlyhasthefunctionofdryingclothes.Thefunctionisrelativelysimple,anditisnotworthspendingmoremoneytobuythedryer.Everyonewantstousemorethanonemachine,sothatonemachinecanbecombinedwithlaundry,drying,sterilization,dryingandotherfunctions,sothateveryonecangetrecognition. Ofcourse,thereasonwhyclothesdryersarepopularabroadisthattheythinkthatitisunsightlytodryclothesinpublicplaces,especiallyunderwear,Westernerspaygreatattentiontoprivacyprotection,anddryingclothesoutsideisregardedasanuncivilizedembodiment,evenSomeareasexpresslybanthisbehavior.Inaddition,mostofEuropeisatemperatemaritimeclimate,andtheweatheronasunnydayisrelativelysmallduringtheyear,sotheinventionofthedryermaybehelpless. Dryerprinciple Drydryersonthemarketgenerallyhaveexhausting,aircondensing,andheatpumpingmodes.Theexhausttypeistoblowthewashedclotheswithhotairtoachievethepurposeofdrying;theaircondensationtypeisthattheairisheatedtohotairafterpassingthroughtheheater,thenpassesthroughtheclothestobecomewetandcoldair,andthenisdischargedthroughthecondenser.Moisture,finallyturnedintodrycoldairthroughheating,socycletodrytheclothes;heatpumptypeistouseheatpumpcompressiondecompressionandheatrelease,absorbaircondensationtodecomposetogeneratedrycoldair,andabsorbresidualheattocompressintohigherheat,andthenreleaseinhighenergyzoneDryhotairtodryclothes. Naturaldryingdisadvantage Naturaldryingdependsonthenaturalenvironmenttodryclothes,theadvantagesarenaturallyself-evident,economic,green,environmentallyfriendlyandnotcost,butthedisadvantagesaremoreobvious.Thefirstisthattheclothesarelong-lasting,andthenormalweatherusuallytakesafewhourstodry.Ifyouhaveababyinyourhomethatneedstimelyclothing,orwhenyouchangeclothesinsomespecificoccasions,youwillbestretchedbynaturaldrying..Inaddition,forplaceswithheavymoisture,heavyrainydaysandinsufficientlightinginthesouth,iftheclothesarenotdriedintime,theclothesmaybecomemoldyandcausebacteriatothreatenourhealth. Especiallyinsomeareas,theoutdoorenvironmentisseriouslypolluted.Incaseofsmog,itwillcausesomepollutantsandPM2.5particlestoadheretotheclothes.Theseinvisibleparticlesofthenakedeyecannotbecompletelyremovedbysimpletapping.Itcanaffectyourhealth,especiallyforelderlypeopleoryoungbabies.Theirresistanceislowandtheyarelikelytocausesomediseases. Dryeradvantage Firstofall,thedryercansavealotoftimewaitingfordrying,thatis,washinganddrying,savingtime,inaddition,thedryingprocesswillnotbeinterferedbyenvironmentalfactors,whetheritiswinterinthenorthorrainyandhumidweatherinthesouth,noneedLookatthe"face"oftheweather,laundryasyoulike.Inaddition,theclothesdriedbythedryerarealsosofter,andtheyaremorecomfortabletowearonthebody,andthehightemperatureofthedryercanplayacertainbactericidaleffect. tosumup: Althougheveryonehasnotacceptedthedryerafterconception,asinthe1970sand1980s,thewashingmachineenteredtheChinesemarketisnotoptimistic,becausetheChineseeconomywasstillrelativelybackward,everyoneisgenerallyusedtohandwashing,withWiththeimprovementoflivingstandards,washingmachineshavebecomeanessentialapplianceforhomes.Ibelievethataseveryone'smateriallifeimproves,theopportunityfordryingclothesisacceptedbymoreandmorepeople.

In recent years, some people say that the dryer is just a foreign toy, and it is very good! I think that the dryer is actually not useful at all. It is better to dry naturally and not to use money. In my country for decades, this seems to have been directional thinking, but the acceptance of dryers in foreign countries has been very high. In fact, it is precisely because there are some shortcomings in the natural drying, there will be a dryer. Obviously, the useless theory of the dryer is obviously not established.


The most intuitive manifestation is that foreign air protection is very good, but they still choose to use the dryer, and our PM 2.5 situation is so worrying, perhaps in the case of sunny, the effect of naturally drying is really good. However, when encountering extreme weather such as rainy days, it is easier to dry the clothes on the clothes that are drying in the air, and the dryer can avoid these situations. So the dryer is not just for you to dry clothes, but to protect your health!


The use of dryers in China and abroad


In foreign countries, the popularity of dryers is very high, and it has become a standard for families in Europe and the United States. In China, drying clothes is an inherent thinking of people, and it has been like this since ancient times. Most people think that there is already a washing machine, and the dryer only has the function of drying clothes. The function is relatively simple, and it is not worth spending more money to buy the dryer. Everyone wants to use more than one machine, so that one machine can be combined with laundry, drying, sterilization, drying and other functions, so that everyone can get recognition.


Of course, the reason why clothes dryers are popular abroad is that they think that it is unsightly to dry clothes in public places, especially underwear, Westerners pay great attention to privacy protection, and drying clothes outside is regarded as an uncivilized embodiment, even Some areas expressly ban this behavior. In addition, most of Europe is a temperate maritime climate, and the weather on a sunny day is relatively small during the year, so the invention of the dryer may be helpless.


Dryer principle


Dry dryers on the market generally have exhausting, air condensing, and heat pumping modes. The exhaust type is to blow the washed clothes with hot air to achieve the purpose of drying; the air condensation type is that the air is heated to hot air after passing through the heater, then passes through the clothes to become wet and cold air, and then is discharged through the condenser. Moisture, finally turned into dry cold air through heating, so cycle to dry the clothes; heat pump type is to use heat pump compression decompression and heat release, absorb air condensation to decompose to generate dry cold air, and absorb residual heat to compress into higher heat, and then release in high energy zone Dry hot air to dry clothes.


Natural drying disadvantage


Natural drying depends on the natural environment to dry clothes, the advantages are naturally self-evident, economic, green, environmentally friendly and not cost, but the disadvantages are more obvious. The first is that the clothes are long-lasting, and the normal weather usually takes a few hours to dry. If you have a baby in your home that needs timely clothing, or when you change clothes in some specific occasions, you will be stretched by natural drying. . In addition, for places with heavy moisture, heavy rainy days and insufficient lighting in the south, if the clothes are not dried in time, the clothes may become moldy and cause bacteria to threaten our health.


Especially in some areas, the outdoor environment is seriously polluted. In case of smog, it will cause some pollutants and PM2.5 particles to adhere to the clothes. These invisible particles of the naked eye cannot be completely removed by simple tapping. It can affect your health, especially for elderly people or young babies. Their resistance is low and they are likely to cause some diseases.


Dryer advantage


First of all, the dryer can save a lot of time waiting for drying, that is, washing and drying, saving time, in addition, the drying process will not be interfered by environmental factors, whether it is winter in the north or rainy and humid weather in the south, no need Look at the "face" of the weather, laundry as you like. In addition, the clothes dried by the dryer are also softer, and they are more comfortable to wear on the body, and the high temperature of the dryer can play a certain bactericidal effect.


to sum up:


Although everyone has not accepted the dryer after conception, as in the 1970s and 1980s, the washing machine entered the Chinese market is not optimistic, because the Chinese economy was still relatively backward, everyone is generally used to hand washing, with With the improvement of living standards, washing machines have become an essential appliance for homes. I believe that as everyone's material life improves, the opportunity for drying clothes is accepted by more and more people.

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